Available: Summer 30%

Climatic Zone: Temperate

Locale: Forest

Preparation: 1 week

Cost: 2gp/8gp

Uses: 3

Ability Check: Intelligence

Agrimony reaches a height of 1 to 2 feet. It has leaves

up to seven inches long, which are serrated, green on top

and white underneath. It has yellow flowers with five

petals which are arranged in aspike on top of the stem.

Its dried leaves must be boiled in a pint of red wine for

five minutes, and then left to stand for an hour. It should

then be used onsprains and bruises in a compress. A

successful application will cure sprains and bruises in half

the normal time. Agrimony was also believed to produce

very heavy sleep if placed beneath a persons head, so

deep that the person could not be woken until it was

removed. At the GMs discretion agrimony may have this

effect, but I would suggest the potential victim gets a

save vs poison with a very large (8-10) bonus.

‘If It is leyed under mann’s head,

He shal sleepyn as he were dead;

He shall never drede na wakyn

Till fro under his head it be taken’

Traditional English Rhyme

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