The Beastlands/Veldorn
Geographical Information
Size lots
Area Shining Lands
Social Information
Races Giants, Humans, Kenkus and others.
Religion Varied
Political Information
Ruler The Beast Lords
Faction Neutral

The Beastlands is a region of plains at the eastern end of the Shaar. It is home to various non-human monstrous tribes who are allied in a loose confederation of self-defense. The eastern edge of this region was formed by the Giant's Belt Mountains, a range which separates the plains from the desert to the east.



Aerilpar ForestEdit

Aerilpar Forest is also known as the Wood of Dark Trees, both for its animated jungle and the dangerous beasts that prowl it. Among its more notable features is the Mound of the Sleepless.


Located along the coast of the Gulf of Luiren, Sharawood is a haunted forest overrun with monsters and undead. 


Curna MountainsEdit

This short mountain range lies to the south of the Beastlands. Located within their foothills is the powerful city of Tirumala.

Giant's Belt MountainsEdit

Marking the northeastern border of the Beastlands, the Giant's belt Mountains are from whence the giants who destroyed Veldorn came, making them the origin point of the Beastlands themselves.

Toadsquat MountainsEdit

Slumped alongside the Beastland's souther shore, the Toadsquat Mountains have held, among their secrets, the prominent settlement of Ulara

Regional powersEdit

A "holy city" located among seven hills, Tirumala was a rich city-state. It is primarily populated by nobility and slaves of varying racial origins. Few dare go near.
Blackfeather Barrens
A kenku-dominated wasteland known for its hostility towards outsiders, the Barrens is feared even among the other inhabitants of the Beastlands.
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