Chavyondat Cityscape
Geographical Information
Size Metropolis

(Pop. 100 000)

Area Estagund
Social Information
Races Human 62%

Halfling 27%

Half-elf 4%

Dwarf 3%

Gnome 2%

Half-orc 2%

Religion The Adama.
Political Information
Ruler The Rajah and its counsel.
Faction Neo Faerun Order
The capital of Estagund, Chavyondat is the largest city in the Shining Lands that is not actually on the coast of the Golden Water. 


Form: Tenk deg Oslo*3. Chavyondat is situated in the Bay of Kings in Estagund. It's a sprawling metropolis, stretching

Common KnowledgeEdit

    • As the capitol of a trade nation, the city's largest ward is, of course, the marketplace. The city is famous for it and you can get almost anything there.. if you have the money.
    • The city has several large and impressive buildings, made possible by the enormous wealth generated by the shipping industry. Notable among these are the House of the Adama, The House of the Vanquisher, The House of Chakas, and Seltarir Palace (home to Chaka Seltrarir, the ruling family of Estagund).
    • The main religion is the Adama, and encompassing religious belief quite like hinduism with the karma and reincarnation and so on. It incorporates a large pantheon of gods, some going by different names.
    • There is apparently a Neo Faerun army base not far outsise of town. It might have something to do with the airships moored to a local earth mote above the bay.

Notable AreasEdit

Markets And Docks

The marketplace in the city's old district, near the docks, consists of rows and rows of permanent, roofed stalls. The Chavyondat Commerce Authority - the governing office that manages trade, the docks, and the public works - rents these structures to merchants by the day, the tenday, or the month. Because of its distance from most other communities of the shining lands, merchant ships from western lands that dock at Chavyondat don't have to sail as far to sell their wares or acquire new cargo. Thus, Chavyondat gets a slightly better trade value for both imports and exports.

Five of the rajah's warships patrol and protect the harbor and the Bay of Kings from invasions, pirates, and sea monsters. Also based here are another twelve warships owned and operated by major chakas, including six that belong to Chaka Seltarir. The chakas use their ships both to defend the city and to escort their merchant ships through troubled waters.

House of the Vanquisher This structure, just a little West and downhill from Seltarir Palace, serves as the traditional home and training center for the Maquar. At present, more than two thousand Maquar Warriors live here, and three times that many are scattered among various other cities, where they serve the nobles. During a military crisis, the Maquar cn either form into elite units or assume command of militia formed from the ranks of the country's population.
House of Chakas All the business behind the business is handled in this building. The Commerce Authority, which answers directly to the rajah, maintains its offices here, and all public business records for the various chakas are kept on file in this building as well. The chakas convene a Leadership Council in the hall's great auditorium on a regular basis to discuss business practices, set loan rates, address grievances, and elect advisors to Rajah Seltarir.
Major Temples

The largest temple in Chavyondat, located near the center of town, is dedicated to the Adama. Mulad Shaulim presides over the faithful, conducting services daily at dawn and dusk.

On the west edge of town, the halflings have dedicated a small shrine to cyrrollalee in their sizable community.

Notable Businesses

Anything and everything is available for sale in the market of Chavyondat, but one notable shopping area is separate from the market. The House of Vosh is an old establishment that has been around for the past couple of centuries. They sell all sorts of imported goods - particularly spell components. Their specialty is discounted magic items, and, their prices are lower than those of most other merchands in the city.

House Bouhm (soon to be rebranded) is a currently growing chaka that specialises in outfitting adventurers. They currently have a small group of adventurers on contract.

Seltarir Palace

The rajah's palace sits on the highest ride along the eastern end of Chavyondat, overlooking the whole community and the bay below. The Palace was built more than seven hundred years ago out of white limestone and highlighted with salmon-colored coral details. Constructed on the site of the watchtower that protected the city when it was no more than a trading camp, the palace has been expanded three times since it was built. It houses the rajah's extended family and is defended by a host of three hundred Maquar.

Ancient History ('Learned' Knowledge)Edit

Originally known as Klionna, the city was founded by its namesake tribe in -862 DR. In the Year of the Tempest (1027 DR), Raja Numambi Seltarir renamed the capital in honor of his firstborn daughter. Chavyondat has been raided numerous times by both land and sea - most often by Dambrathans (both the Arkaiuns of the fifth and sixth century DR, and the Crinti of more recent times). The city was the first to fall when Reinhar I of Dambrath launched a full invasion of Estagund, in the Year of the Barren Chamber (551 DR).

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