Eldath demands that each Major diety of Everbloom must allways have 5 acting defenders within their clergy, these defenders make sure that the clergy acts acording to the rules of Everbloom. The defenders are expected to keep the peace and investigate anything suspicious within the clergy.


Alignment: Good

Class: Cleric, Paladin, Fighter, Barbarian

Must have acted against evil and shown a strong sense of morale. Must be a worshipper of any Major Everbloom Deity.

Perk: Divine tongueEdit

A Defender of Eldath may once per day gain +10 on persuation checks for 5 minutes.

Perk: Defender's graceEdit

A Defender of Eldath equipped with their holy shields may use a reaction to impose disadvantage on attacks against an Ally (Who worships any Everbloom god) within 5 ft.