Di Santi
Founder Georgio Di Santi
Faction The Lucianos
Current Head Virginie Di Santi
Allied Families Constantini,

Cappocia, Chiodo

Rival Families Pellecchia,

La Morte, Scalisi

A family playing a role in the Lucianos faction.


Originally brought to Hazur by the family's official founder Georgio Di Santi, a young shopkeeper, peddler and Lucianos spy. As he got older, he made a large profit on his old trade routes through a partnership with the Lucianos family. After his death, the Di Santi family grew ever richer on the old trade routes and went into a second partnership with the Chiodo family of the Calianos faction.

Eventually bringing in the Constantini and Cappocia families of the Julianos in the partnership to help secure complete control over the iron market in Hazur. Though their dominance did not last very long, it was extremily profitable for all four families, and brought them into the spotlight for seats on the Trade Council.


"Loyalty leads to profit for all."

Noteable Family Members

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