Non-Magic BattlesEdit

No spells neither arcane nor divine are allowed in the arena, neither are scrolls, wands or items that ‘cast’ spells. Triggered magical items must be reviewed, while automatical and conditional magical items are always accepted. Likewise, Supernatural, Extraordinary and Spell-Like abilities, are allowed.

Familiars and companions are only alowed in fights where both sides bring to them. We, the arena hosts, are not responsible for the death of familiars or companions.

Flight, either natural or by (automatic) magical gear has a limited height of the opposing side’s range. We want a “fair” fight!

All limitations and rules may be passed or accepted if the opposing side allows it, this includes but is not limited to: Spells, Triggered magical items, Companions, etc.

Magic BattlesEdit

Anything goes


The victor may choose one single item to take from his victim, the rest is returned to the slaves owner.

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