Goddess of Peace

Eldath Symbol
Eldath's Symbol
Basic Information
Title(s) Goddess of Peace
Power level Major
Worshipers Everbloom pacifists, Clerics of Life,Druids.
Domains Life, Nature

Eldath is a doughter of Sylvanas, she is the one deity that keeps Everbloom from scortching the earth to start it anew. Her legacy is the esteemed Guardians of Silvanus, The guardians are chosen Everbloom clerics that take it upon themselves to protect Everbloom from itself, containing the rage and hate that is so prominent within its borders. She is the most loved Deity by the common folk, but most Everbloom gods and high ranking members  dislike her and her Guardians for their rightousness and peaceloving ways severely halting and slowing their expansion.


Eldath were organized into a simplistic hierarchy, where priests reported to a local high priest responsible for a realm or larger region. Most followers dwelt in quiet forest communities with open-air sacred places of worship or in woodside cottages, far from the baseness of city life; both often containing pools of placid water in unspoiled areas. They rarely ever engaged in open confrontation and always acted subtly and peacefully.

Druid's of Eldath prayed for their evocations once per day at a time selected after great personal reflection. The only calendar-related holy day of the church was the Greening, a gathering and festival celebrated at Greengrass. It was preceded by the Firstflow, a festival held at varying times when the ice broke up and began to flow at the conclusion of winter.

Special Ranks/Titles:

Priest of Eldath

Defender of Eldath

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