Geographical Information
Size Metropolis
Area Thay
Social Information
Races Undead 70%
Human 20%
Other 10%
Religion Bane, Kossuth
Political Information
Ruler Dmitra Flass
Faction Thay
Eltabbar is the hidden heart of a country that puts forth a hardened image.  The city is surprisingly beautiful in nearly every respect, from its glittering canals to its greenery and artworks.  There are many fine buildings with columns and marble, and while the greatest are public, a number of private noble houses are quite impressive.  The squalor of the slave quarter is negligible compared to the gondolas and the major thoroughfares.  This is where Thayans aspire to go on their honeymoons, or to find a suitable marriage.  It is also where all Thayan bards would like to perform.


Ruled by Tharchion Dmitra Flass, the so-called First Princess of Thay. She spends all her time in the capital and gives little thought to anything that happens across Thay's borders.


Civic District
  • Memorial to Thayd
  • Hall of the Zulkirs
  • Enchanted art displays for the various schools of magic in the district park
Arcane District
  • The testing center for arcane ability is on the university grounds.
Finance District
  • Change and loan building
Temple District Eltabbar corrals its temples into one district on their own island, "the better to keep an eye on the zoo."

  • Azuth (minor temple)
  • Bane (major temple)
  • Beshaba (major temple)
  • Cyric (public shrines that keep getting destroyed, so they are moved around)
  • Gargauth (minor temple)
  • Gond (minor temple)
  • Jergal (minor temple)
  • Kossuth (major temple; foremost in the whole faith)
  • Loviatar (minor temple)
  • Mask (major temple)
  • Oghma (major temple)
  • Red Knight (minor temple)
  • Shar (minor temple) 
  • Shaundakul (shrine)
  • Siamorphe (major temple with a hanging garden)
  • Talona (minor temple)
  • Tempus (minor temple)
  • Waukeen (major temple)
Other districts
  • Tharchion's Palace
  • Noble District
  • Theater District
  • Marketplace District
  • Warehouse District
  • Slave Quaters and Slums
  • Necropolis


Eltabbar was founded in 923, a year after Thay won its independence from Mulhorand. Placing the new nation's capital deep inside seemed only natural, but was said to have darker motives. It is near the Thaymount, where the nation's premiere wizards have secret laboratories and forges, and thus sometimes suffers from earthquakes.  It was also the heart of the civil conflict amongst the nobles that no one likes to talk about but which necessitated the creation of the Eltabbar Census.  Since then, registered noble families can only host a set number of blood relations within the city limits at any given time, a number which has steadily dropped since the creation of the Census but which must be declared to the Census office. Each house is allowed a permanent number of inhabitants and a temporary roster of visitors that can stay for up to six months.

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