Georgio Di Santi
Title Unknown
Status Dead
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Unknown
Occupation Trader, Spy
Relatives Virginie Di Santi (Granddaughter),

Salvadore Di Santi (Great Grandson)

Family Information
Family Name Di Santi
Founder Georgio Di Santi
Faction The Lucianos
Current Head Virginie Di Santi
Allied Families Constantini, Cappocia, Chiodo
Rival Families Pellecchia, La Morte, Scalisi
The founder of the Di Santi family.


A shopkeeper and occasionally peddler in the city of Santi. As one of the first spies of the Lucianos outside of Hazur, he spent more and more time outside of Santi. After several years of serving the Lucianos faction he was finally brought to Hazur himself, letting his junior spies take his old job. Continuing several trade routes he had already used before with the help of the Lucianos, Georgio managed to gather a large amount of money.


Though the Di Santi family didn't rise to importance under Georgio, he played an essential role in taking it out of the rural village of Santi. After his death, the Di Santi family kept growing in importance and riches, and became an essential player in the politics of Hazur, always loyal to the Lucianos faction who supported them.

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