Global Guilds

There are many major guilds in Faerûn, here are some of the more important ones.

  • The Thieves Guild, there are many individual thieves guilds throughout Faeûn, but there is a rumour that they all follow a global code and are all part of the same organization.
  • The Harpers, while most of the Harpers died out after the Cataclysm there are still some who follow its cause.
  • International Definition Endorsing Act, IDEA holds a system to register and protect inventions made by engineers and tinkers. All factions seem to have accepted their law, except Everbloom, who couldnt care less.
  • The Scouts. A guild of freelance scouts, never take their own jobs, but hire themselves to others. Because of this, there is no particular leadership.They have bases all across Faerûn, but their HQ is located in That-Place-We-Liked.
  • Eclypse, no longer active, but rumours say that their members are sometimes spotted.

Guilds of That-Place

These are the guilds currently registered in Vic's as licenced bounty hunters.

  • The Drunken Dragon. A guild lead by a copper dragon, Karl.
  • The Three Horns. A guild lead by two tieflings and a half demon, Mila, Talo and Karakirr
  • Acquisitions Inc. Exploration and Adventuring of the highest calibre, also package delivery.
  • The Greybloods. A undead and necromancy oriented guild. Unknown leader.
  • Grassbeard Greenskins. An orc druid and shaman guild. To’rukk Nosebeard is the leader.
  • M.C.E. Corp. A high industry and technology guild. Owned by Marv Callus Escher.
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