Geographical Information
Size City
Area Dambrath
Social Information
Races 20% Drow

20% Half-Drow 40% Halfling

20% Other

Religion The Goddess Lolth
Political Information
Ruler Lady Tilmariine of The House of Durrnoy
Faction Lolth's Dominion


Hazuth is a small city situated on on the north-eastern edge of the Bay of Dolphins. Having changed a lot of rulers ofter the years, it has a varied and diverse arcithecture, with a somwhat unplanned city-plan. The common and poorer areas of the city haz a combination of plaster and wooden structures, often built as tall and thin.

When the sun was eclipsed the Drow empire embraced their now far more hospitable vassal Queendom, taking a more direct hand, appointig several Drow Governesses that know rule most of the Dambrathian towns and cities in the name of the Spider godess Lolth and the Empire of the Drow. Specifically the town of Hazuth has been in the control of a Lady Tilmariine of the House of Duvernoy for the last 50 or so years.

There isn't much to distinguish Hazut. One of the most notable facts is that it is a drop-off point for bluewood and other goods from the northern half of Dambrath. But the trade have declined somewhat in the recent century as the forest are gradually dying due to the lack of light and nourishment.

The city is mainly made up of a Drow upper class with the now downgraded Half-Drows serving as their day-to-day burocrats. The lages single group is the haflings population making up almost 40% of the total population. Other races are present but mainly just traveling through.

House of DurrnoyEdit

The house of Durrnoy is lead by the matron Lady Tilmariine, Currently holding the title of Governess.

Lady Tilmariine is the first Durrnoy to hold the title as Governess, but not the first drow, She recieving the mantle around in 1518, nominaly as a reward for the cervices rendered by her house in the Emergence war.

The the practise of instituting drow Governesses first emerged  during the first 25 years after the drow conquests, when they needed both strong provincial commanders and a way of shoving political favor.  As the political climate stabilized somewhat, the view of such a position changed into a way of rewarding, but also removing potential political enemies from the main court of the drow Empire.

As such, by the drow Hazuth is considered a dying backwater city.

Notable LocationsEdit

Hazuth Map

The Palace A Large complex of marble, It was build before the cataclysm by the Dambrathan Crinti rulers. It is a statement of power and wealth, andt it is the citys adminastrive hub. Staffed by hundreds of civil servants, slaves and guards, this place never truly sleeps. 

The Arena

Not originaly designed as a place for violent spectable, it nontheless is well suited to the kind of games the drow brought with them. It as the largest single building in the city and home to a great spectable as men and women fight for their lives for the amusement of their betters and whover can spare the coin.

On an engineering level, the drow have upgraded it on a rather large scale, adding extra functionallity in the form of lifting platforms, hidden entrances and a complex underground system for handling their "livestock".

The Dens This is the slum area of Hazuth, mostly dominated by a Hafling population. Although the drow precense is constant, even they prefer to walk as wide an arc as possible around the stench comming off this place.
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