Faerûn followes the Calendar of Harptos.

Historical events

Year Month Event
1346 Alturiak Agôn Mhïyr is summoned, the eclipse rises.
1347 Hammer Agôn Mhïyr defeats the last army against him.
1349 Flamerule Agôn Mhïyr defeated by Mystra
1349 Eleasis Mystra killed by Kareska, the Cataclysm
1350 Tarsakh Kareska ascends as Goddess of Magic
1361 Mirtul They begins to expand it's borders.
1385 Marpenoth The Drow first surface and claim Lolth's Dominion
1399 Nightal Neo Faerun Order formed as an official faction.
1400 Flamerule Everbloom formed as an official faction.
1437 Alturiak Epsilon formed as an official faction
1543 Alturiak Vic's true owner mysteriously returns and claims ownership

Mystra returns to power, but as a minor deity.[1]

1553 Eleint That-Place-We-Liked officially renamed to That-Place
1567 Ches The Harpers are reformed.
Epsilon forms an official government.
1573 Nightal Starmantle rebuild under Epsilon control, and a school of magic is founded there.

Recent events

Year Month Event
1574 Acquisitions Inc. purchases Bhalle's Deep


  1. This depends on one group of players set in this time period
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