Innocenza Favaro
Title Unknown
Status Dead
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Domitian Belus (Father-in-Law),

Juliano Belus (Husband), August Julianos (Son), Rosita Constantini (Daughter-in-Law), Marzia Julianos (Granddaughter), Silvano Julianos (Great Grandson), August II Julianos (Great Great Grandson)

Family Information
Family Name Favaro
Founder Unknown
Faction Unknown
Current Head Unknown
Allied Families Unknown
Rival Families Unknown

Wife of Juliano Belus, mother of August Julianos.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

A non-descript childhood as one of many kids of the slaves that worked in Hazur.

Relationship with Juliano Edit

During the revolution against Thindol, Innocenza got into a relationship with Juliano Belus, not knowing he was the son of Domitian Belus the leader of the revolution. Though their relationship was rocky at times, they stuck through the revolution together and she and her family rose up together with the Belisians.

Mother Edit

Shortly after getting into the relationship with Juliano, she found herself pregnant with his child. They got married, and she gave birth to August Julianos. She had serious problems during the birth, and was told she most likely never would be able to have another child, and she didn't.

Death Edit

She died during the First Civil War of Hazur after the forces of Lucio Belus ambushed Juliano Belus and she saved his life at the expense of her own.

Personality Edit

She was in many ways as wild as Juliano Belus was, which is why they got along so well. The only reason she died during the ambush and Juliano Belus didn't was because she gave her life to save his. Though she was as wild as her husband, she was also kind and charming, leaving many hearts broken when she wed Juliano.

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