Leonardo Calianos
Title Patrician of Calianos
Status Dead
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Unknown
Occupation Administratorè Supreme of Hazur (Former),

Magistros of the Calianos (Former)

Relatives Calio Belus (Grandfather),

Lucrezia Oneto (Grandmother), Gaius Calianos (Father), Flavia Arduini (Mother), Marisa Calianos (Twin-Sister), Grimaldo Malizia (Brother-in-Law), Prisca Calianos (Niece), Floridia Calianos (Niece), Floriano Calianos (Nephew)

Family Information
Family Name Calianos
Founder Calio Belus
Faction The Calianos
Current Head Galaea Calianos
Allied Families Unknown
Rival Families Julianos,


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