Meliria Lucianos
Title Patrician of Lucianos
Status Alive
Gender Female
Race Half-Elf
Class Monk
Occupation Intelligence Supreme of Hazur,

Sabestos of the Lucianos

Relatives Lucio Belus (Great Great Grandfather),

Carlotta Scalisi (Great Great Grandmother), Tiberius Lucianos (Great Grandfather), Lucilla Cecchetti (Great Grandmother), Selena Lucianos (Grandmother), Cirano Mandato (Grandfather), Demetria Lucianos (Mother), Archimede Lucianos (Uncle), Mina Scalisi (Aunt), Amanzio Lucianos (Brother), Nazario Lucianos (Cousin), Gregorio Lucianos (Cousin), Rosamunda Lucianos (Cousin)

Family Information
Family Name Lucianos
Founder Lucio Belus
Faction The Lucianos
Current Head Meliria Lucianos
Allied Families Unknown
Rival Families Julianos,


The current head of the Lucianos family, and the Intelligence Supreme of Hazur.
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