Mirlian Kalgra
Basic Information
Title Matron Mother
Faction Lolth's Dominion
Rank 1st Ruler
More Information
Deity Lolth

Mirlian Kalgra is the harsh and sadistic ruler of Lolth's Dominion. She appears old and frail, despite her elven blood.


Matron mother Mirlian appears old and frail, despite this, she is still very much alive and powerful. She wears black garments adorned with golden spikes and rims.


Matron mother Mirlian is a harsh and sadistic ruler, she does not easily forgive and very rarely admits her own mistakes. Unlike most matron mothers however, Kalgra takes her time to make calm descisions in matters related to Lolth's Dominion and the expansion of her race's rule. While Kalgra is the 1st Ruler of all Drow, she still shows respect to the other rulers, Drow nobles whom have great achievements, and even lesser Drow and forigners who show value and potential.

Those who find themselves in a diplomatic meeting with Kalgra will find her to be calm and respektful, she understands the value of diplomatic solutions and cooperation... as long as the result is better than just invading.


Matron mother Mirlian was the youngest sister of a noble drow house. Long before the Cataclysm, Mirlian slowly managed to have her sisters killed off, and ascended the ranks in her family. During the cataclysm she killed her mother and took the title of Matron Mother, and also managed to destroy the two families ranking over her own, and ascended House Kalgra to 1st in her city.

It did not take long for Mirlian to strike a deal with Matron Mother Baenre and plan their attack on the surface. Mirlian has been generous to the other noble houses, giving them each responsibility and dominion over their own cities and regions, both on the surface and the underdark. Some saw her generosity and respect as a weakness, but soon found that assassinating her would not be easy. Despite her kind first impression, she can be rutheless to those who fail or betray her.

To help prevent her own children from aspiring to take her place, she allowed each of them to leave and form their own families, taking up rulership over major drow cities and regions.