God of CreationEdit

Moradin symbol
Basic Information
Title(s) God of Creation
Power level Major
Worshipers Dwarves, Engineers, Smiths, Miners, Neo Faerun Order soldiers
Domains Knowledge

Moradin, pronounced (mor-uh-din), is the lawful good god of the dwarves and the chief deity in their pantheon. A harsh but fair judge, he is strength and force of will embodied. Moradin inspired dwarven inventions and constantly sought to improve that race, encouraging their good nature, intelligence, and harmonious existence with other good races while battling their pride and isolationist tendencies. Moradin's holy day is on the crescent moon and he is worshipped at forges and hearths.

After the Cataclysm Moradin, remaining still quite powerful, wrought a deal with group of disenfranchised gods to give them back their powers in return for their allegiance. Forging this alliance of gods, the Neo Faerun Order had formidable backing in the coming wars and territorial battles that followed as new nations and alliances sprung forth.

Woshipers Edit

Moradin's clerics, known as Sonnlinor, were usually drawn from family lines, like most dwarven occupations; they wore earthy colors, with chain mail and silvered helms. Moradin charged his followers with the task of removing the kingdoms of orcs and wiping out the followers of Gruumsh. The church of Moradin had an active role in guiding the morals of dwarven communities; they emphasized his hand in everyday dwarven activities such as mining, smithing, and engineering, and invoked his blessing when these tasks began. They led the push to found new dwarven kingdoms and increase their status among surface communities. Many of these communities celebrated Hammer 1st, believing that day in 1306 DR to be a blessing by the Dwarffather.

Orders Edit

  • Hammers of Moradin: The Hammers of Moradin were an elite military order dominated by crusaders and fighting clerics with chapters in nearly every dwarven stronghold and members drawn from every dwarven clan. The Hammers served both as commanders of dwarven armies and as an elite strike force skilled in dealing with anything from large groups of orcs to great wyrms to malevolent fiends from the Fiendish Planes. The order was dedicated to the defense of existing dwarven holdings and the carving out of new dwarven territories. Individual chapters had a great deal of local autonomy but, in times of great crisis, a Grand Council assembled to plot strategy and divine Moradin's will. After the Cataclysm they have taken on new forms, and are now spread out in the vast campaigns as elite warriors of the Neo Faerun Order.

Deopolitics Edit

Being the head of the Neo Faerun Pantheon, Moradin holds a lot of political weight. Being a god of craft and forges, he is the patron god of engineers and craftsmen, the strong backbone of the Neo Faerun fleets.

Umberlee - Goddess of the Sea Edit

Umberlee provides food and safe passage for Neo Faerun on the otherwise turbulent seas, and in doing so provides a safe source of food for the alliance. To keep her appeased and willing, Moradin has a group of Order transmuters deliver tribute in the form of transmuted gold and gems as tokens of appreciation.

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