Geographical Information
Size Metropolis
Area Moonsea
Social Information
Races 60% humans, 20% undead,

5% elves,

15% various

Religion Lovitar, Tymora, Waukeen, Bane
Political Information
Ruler High Blade Dasem Ultor
Faction Netural

Description Edit

Mulmaster is a big metropolis at the eastern end of Moonsea, ruled by the High Blade Dasem Ultor. Formerly a strategical advantage that both Everbloom and Thay tried to secure alliances with, but after the Cataclysm Mulmaster declined in power, reducing it to a backwater place that neither of the two factions care a lot about.

The city is a conection point for almost all large criminal activity going on around the Moonsea area, leading to a sprawling black market, if you know where to look. Crime is also rampant in the city, as the ruling class don't

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