Geographical Information
Size Metropolis
Area Nathlan
Social Information
Races Catfolk 90%

Human 10%

Religion Tymora,

Milil, Waukeen

Political Information
Ruler The Cat Lords
Faction Epsilon

Nathlekh (the City of Cats) was the capital of the Shou nation of Nathlan. Located at the western edge of the old Gulthandor on the shores of the Lake of the Long Arm, Nathlekh was built around a granite plug, atop which The Pride of Nobanion stood, seemingly as an extension of the rock. Originally populated by feline lycanthropes worshiping Nobanion and Sharess. It had a significant population of mundane cats (including lions) and it’s mysterious rulers were known as the Cat Lords, all of these factors certainly earned it its moniker.

Settled by more and more immigrants from Kara-Tur over the centuries, by 1479 DR, the city had become populated almost entirely by Shou and the small nation of Nathlan had grown up around it. The citizens of Nathlekh were suspicious of outsiders. They forbade anyone not of Shou decent (especially non-humans) from taking up residence in the city and restricted visitors to a single, special section of the city.

Places of interest

Temple of Tymora

A beautiful building run by a priest named Markle. Brother Berak – originally from Westgate – and a shou man known as Brother Mu, help Markle.

Sky District

This was the name given to the Shou ward of the city that rested on the high ground.

The Dragon Bridge

The wide and thick stone bridge that went from the ground near the piers on Long Arm Lake to rise in a diagonal line up to the Sky District. The bridge was so named for its supporting arches, each of which took the form of a sculpted, sinuous stone dragon. Each successively larger stone dragon statue bore the weight of its span differently. A series of three massive, gated checkpoints guarded the bridge.

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