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Welcome to the Nitharos WikiEdit

How to use this Wiki:Edit

As a new player in the world of Nitharos there are a few things that you might want to do to help ground your character in the already established Lore and geography of the world. Follow this short 5 step guide to get started and find the essentials for your character:

  1. Find out where your character is from, is he from That-Place  ? Nathlekh ? wherever you character might originate from it would be wise for you to read up on the recorded information on the place and it’s culture. You can find your home on the World Map .
  2. Read up on your Deity of choice, learn what they like and dislike and use the information during RP to earn rewards and inspiration.
  3. Read up on your faction's History, their goals and aspiration might aid you in properly RP’ing your character and teach you to fully take advantage of the possibilities your character has within his faction.
  4. Find your characters place in the political world, The different races and classes have different social standings within the different factions. If you are playing a Drow Necromancer in Everbloom territory you will have a hard time not being chased out of every city you visit.
  5. Talk with the DM about player knowledge vs character knowledge to make sure that what you read on this wiki doesn’t break your immersion into the game and impair your RP capabilities.

If you follow these 5 steps and use them to your advantage you may be rewarded by the DM, these rewards might be perks, experience or inspiration. These steps are not only to aid in RP, but also to help you immerse yourself into the world.

Remember: if you come from a city/town that isn’t described in the wiki or on the net, ask your DM/GM for a description and it will be added to the wiki ASAP, this is also extended to religion and Deities.

DISCLAIMER: This Wiki is far from done! content is being added on a need to know basis, so if there is something your character needs to know, we will uppload the information as soon as we can!

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