Geographical Information
Size City
Area Tethyr
Social Information
Races Human 80%

Dwarf 10% Ratfolk 5% Other 5%

Religion Moradin,


Political Information
Ruler Chosen council
Faction Epsilon

Riatavin is a city in the frontlines of Neo Faerun, close to both Everbloom and Lolth's Dominion borders the once metropolitan city is far beyond wartorn and ruined from all the warring and distress caused by the cataclysm. Now only harboring a miniscule part of it's once 80 000 populace and a dispicable shadow of its former architectural prowess the city houses soldiers and their families aswell as transmutation farmers living of the charcoal deposites close to the city.


Formerly a city of Amn, Riatavin seceded to become part of Tethyr in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.

On the Feast of the Moon of 1370 DR, the Herald Thorn Tree disappeared hours before he was to perform the Bloodsong. This triggered a storm of controversy. First, there were rumors that the High Heralds had plans to expel Thorn Tree for corruption. Second, the rebel government of Riatavin had hoped to use the Bloodsong to assert their authority over the city amidst their secession from Amn to Tethyr. Third, some claimed that Thorn Tree had been working for, variously, Amn, Tethyr, the Knights of the Shield, or another faction of Riatavin. Thus, Thorn Tree's disappearance was expected to be powerful political ammunition for all these factions, further disrupting the secession. In fact, Thorn Tree had actually been murdered by one the Eldreth Veluuthra, and his body hidden so well it might never be found.

The city lost population in the years after the Cataclysm and, as of 1349 DR, parts of the city were abandoned.

When the populace had become saturated with mostly soldiers and their families the city gained a substantial militia that proved usefull in the defence of the city against random raids from both Everbloom and the Dominion.

Riatavin had a significant criminal underworld and the Shadow Thieves were the dominant criminal organization. The city also suffered from bandit incursions from Erlkazar.

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