Rosita Constantini
Title Unknown
Status Dead
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Relatives August Julianos (Husband),

Marzia Julianos (Daughter), Ubertino Cappocia (Son-in-Law), Silvano Julianos (Grandson), August II Julianos (Great Grandson)

Family Information
Family Name Constantini
Founder Unknown
Faction The Julianos
Current Head Unknown
Allied Families Unknown
Rival Families Unknown
The wife of August Julianos and the mother of Marzia Julianos.



She had a relatively normal childhood, in a family where her father had a steadily increasing wealth in his fur trading. At a relatively young age, she got to know the young August Julianos who already played an essential part in his father's politics and helped controlling his army. The two grew close already then, and spent a lot of time together.


She stayed close to August during the whole First Civil War of Hazur, and continued doing so unntil he finally became Exarch after his father's and uncles' death. They quickly wed after he rose to Exarch, and she became pregnant some few months later. She gave birth to Marzia, the one and only child they had together.

Though she got pregnant again, she died in a bridge-related accident before she could give birth to another child.


She was known as a friendly and calm person, and had a calming effect on the often stressed and hotheaded August Julianos. Though he was gone for weeks, she never had any doubt of him and that he would return. Just like August had no doubt she would be there when he came back.

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