The Legend of the SentinelsEdit

The Sentinels of the Merciful sword used to be a famous martial order, tending and guarding the massive temple-complex Corin. Its members counted priests, acolytes and paladins from the temples of Illmater, Torm and Tyr, all serving a common goal under the leadership of the tribunal of the order. The members of the order provided for small communities in the surrounding badlands, keeping roads safe and tending to any ills or misfortunes that befell the local population. Everything changed however with the cataclysmic event nearly two centuries ago. When the disruption and destruction of the ley-line below the temple resulted in nearly half of the structure falling into the abyss, the years of peace and stability the order had experienced came to an abrupt end. The tribunal and many members of the order were killed or lost in the ensuing chaos, leaving a severely depleted group of tenders and guardians to face their new existence.
The wars and conflicts raging across the continent made matters worse for the order. A lack of new recruits and volunteers, combined with losses taken both from fighting off eager looters as well as old age, resulted in steadily declining numbers. In the end no more than a handful of proud, or maybe insane, sentinels remained. Their function reduced to more of an archaic reminder of old customs and tradition than anything else. For the last decade only two members of the order has been seen by travelers and pilgrims. One aging man and his son, still clinging to their positions in a world that has in most regards passed both them and their god by.

- History of eastern Tethyr

- unknown author

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