Razim Harell Obhoqu

The Sha'Razim is a large Merchant and Mercenary organization lead by the illustrious Rakshasa named Razim Harell Obhoqu, unlike most Rakshasa Razim has openly identified himself as the demon kin that many fear and loath, this has it's benefits as few dare to question his orders nor do outsiders wish to defy him, many have tried and failed. Several knights and adventurers have attempted to slay the Demon, but none were ever successful and their attempts only managed to garner Razim more infamy and conversely more power. Razim forged many valuable alliances immediately after the dawn of Kereskas spellweave due to co-operation with the dragon god, he earned his fortune by reinvigorating the magic lost during the cataclysm in magical items and artifacts, making him invaluable to factions such as the Neo Faerun Order whom sorely needed the aid of their magical items and infrastructure. Years later and Razim had built a vast mercantile empire based upon the enchantment and selling of magical items, his empire was now richer than most other factions, allowing him to buy the best sellswords that faerun could offer giving him a sizeable mercenary army equipped with the finest magical armor and weapons. Given free levy and tax exemption by the Neo Faerun Order, the Sha’Razim quickly grew to become an integral part in Neo Faerun’s local economy for better and worse.

Corruption and evil intentions tainted the organisation as it grew, and many of the Razim’s Viceroys enjoyed unprecedented freedom to conduct their affairs however they saw fit, this lead to many organizations being formed with the sole purpose of stifiling the Sha’Razim’s pressence and dominance, yet none have yet to leave a dent, except the Tariim Order , whom have had many open conflicts with the Sha’Razim due to their manipulation of the weave and extensive use of outlawed shadow magic.

Currently The Sha’Razim have a strong presence in the Beastlands, Estagund and Tethyr. They keep their pressence to a minimum to not attract too much unwanted attention but some Viceroys with their ambition for power and wealth, often take to manipulation and extortion to gain what power and influence they can, often negatively affecting their environment by doing so.

Noone has seen or heard from Razim himself in a decade, and some speculate that he himself might have died or left for another plane.

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