Yma Or

Yma Or

The Shara liberation Coalition was formed as a response to the destruction of the Sharawoods in Beastlands. The group consists mostly of Elves and Kenders that became marooned in the beastlands once the spellplague struck and the great war erupted. The SLC initially tried to retake Sharawood by diplomatic means, they started out as a peaceful organization using their knowledge of Nature and Geography to bargain with organizations that were more powerful in an attempt to gain support for their cause.

In 1401 SLC was coined a Everbloom terrorist organization by Neo Fearun and the group had to go into hiding, eventually changing into what they were initially branded as; a terrorist organization with religious roots.

Once SLC decided on waging a shadow war on the Factions of Beastlands they started attracting more and more aggressive members such as Neo Faerun Defectors and Rebels. SLC was offered an invitation from Everbloom to act in official capacity for the faction, this was an offer they promptly refused.

SLC’s once righteous goal of reclaiming the Sharawoods for nature has become a misused banner for the angry and defiant, turning SLC into a battle cry many use when committing aimless acts of terrorism. With its rebellious outer shell many are surprised that the SLC in its core is comprised of Diplomatic and reasonable members of the Neo Fearun society.

Not much is known about the SLC’s hirarcy, but it is belived that the group has no official leader, yet they have a front figure that is the public face of SLC; The elf Yma Or, she has been actively campaigning to bring back the SLC to their roots and re-align their focus and hopefully restoring their now tarnished reputation.

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