The Shining Lands is a region far to the southeast of Faerun.

Named not for the massive amount of gold that passes through there, they are named for the now massive amount of lighting present in the settlements. Masses of bioluminescent fungi and other kinds of illumination make the whole subcontinent look like it's under an almost constant multicolored and slowly pulsating festival of lights.

The region encompasses Estagund , Durpar , and the kingdom of Veldorn which is currently known as the Beastlands by everyone except really really old nerds.

The Neo Faerun Order has laid claim to the Shining Lands on the global scale, and has made many beneficial deals with the local governments.

Law and PunishmentEdit

When someone is to be punished for commited a crime in the Shining Lands, the norm is to add up the total monetary value of the offense and then have the person either compensate the offended in straight up money/monetary goods, or  in the form of contracted services. The Debt of the offender can be bought and sold, which is the closest to a slave trade you can get in the Shining Lands.

In that way, it is the major Chakas and the richer Trade Lords that partake in this trade of criminal debts.

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