Kazzak Camero

Kazzak Camero

The Tariim order was established shortly after the Spellplague, they were a group of Mercenaries that took it upon themselves to hunt and apprehend Mages that had gone mad or were afflicted by the Eldritch Burn. They were ruthless and effective earning them the name; Sha Inquisition. Their numbers were in the thousands as many adventurers and mercenaries that survived the Cataclysm banded together with them to combat the growing magic problem lingering after the spellplague.

The Tariim Order currently consists of 340 members spread across Faerun, most of the Tariim Order's fighters are trained in the art of magic and anti-magic, many are experienced fighters or Adventurers who spend their life hunting those abusing the weave. 

There have been several incidents where the Tariim orders is accused for hypocrisy, as they have been known to use powerful and unlawful magic to combat their enemies. Most Tariim order members acknowledge that it is just for them to misuse the weave in such a manner to combat those who would use it for Evil, taking the "Fight fire with fire" approach.

Their Leader is Kazzak Camero, a 38 year old Eldritch knight with excellent pedigree, he inherited his position from his father, a Warlock named Talo Camero.

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