Tokas Majere
Tokas Majere
Basic Information
Title Chancellor
Faction Neo Faerun Order
Rank Head Chancellor
More Information
Deity unknown
Age unknown
Birthplace Almraiven

Tokas Majere is the enigmatic leader of Neo Faerun Order, originaly a lizardfolk soldier-slave from Almraiven, Tokas showed an aptitude to understanding and using the technology provided by the Order, and quicly advanced in the ranks of their army. He was one of the first to accept mechanical grafts.


Tokas is a tall creature, barely recognizible as lizardfolk due to his extensive mechanical grafts. Tokas has many small weapons embedded in his body, as well as a collapsible shield on one arm. He enjoys wearing trophies from his greatest kills and displays them openly. We wields a customised double-spear that can extend its range, detatch its tip, and deliver lightning, fire, or frost damage.


Tokas is calm and strategic, understanding the importance of evaluating every possible solution before acting. When he is on the hunt he is ruthless and savage, excelling at both tracking and stalking. While he perfers a quick kill, he is not afraid to plan ahead and lay traps.


Tokas was originaly taken as a slave to serve the Neo Faerun Order's army on the front line, but he excelled at hunting their enemies, showed excelence in the use of mechanical items and soon began grafting them to his body. Tokas gained ranks in the army and became a captain early in his career, eventually advancing to a general. After many years of service, he helped expose traitors to the Order and advanced to a position of leadership in the capitol, where he served as an inquitor for a while before he was voted to lead the council.

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