Ubertino Cappocia
Title Regent of Hazur
Status Dead
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Marzia Julianos (Wife)

Silvano Julianos (Son), Annar'ielle Julianos (Daughter-in-Law), August II Julianos (Grandson)

Family Information
Family Name Cappocia
Founder Unknown
Faction The Julianos
Current Head Unknown
Allied Families Unknown
Rival Families Unknown
Husband of Marzia Julianos, father of Silvano Julianos.



He grew close to Marzia Julianos at a young age, and he fought at her side during the uprising after her father's death. Forcing his father to ally with herself aswell, he was important in her victory in the inner-faction war.


Just after giving birth to Silvano Julianos, Marzia left to fight the pirates who raided and burned the trade ships of the Calianos faction. In the meantime, Ubertino raised, took care of and protected Silvano while taking the role of Regent of Hazur.


Even after Marzia came back, Ubertino was the one who spent most of his time raising Silvano and was important in the young boy's life.

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