Geographical Information
Size Town
Area Beastlands
Social Information
Races Halfling 80%

Kenku 10% Human 5%

Other 5%

Religion The Adama

Yondella (Major)

Political Information
Ruler Yem Tagir (Mayor)
Faction Neo Faerun Order

A small halfling village that has blossomed over the last year due to it's famous independent police force that makes Ulara one of the few bastions of Law and safety.


Ulara is situated in an ancient forest; the forest itself contains no living trees and is home to a plethora of magical plants and fungi that can live in this dead forest. The forest itself glows to light at night when the mystical fungi covering most of the forest light up in bright blue, illuminating most of Ulara and the surrounding forest. Ulara was once a halfling village with refugees from Luirwood, most of them were foragers and hunters who saw the terrain as favorable due to its high density of edible fungi. Most of the buildings in Ulara are built into and on the outside of the large trees, it is apparent that these wooden houses and huts were built with excellent artisanship and care. Ulara also contains many buildings that were built in recent years by visitors and new citizens that moved to Ulara when the rumors of Ulara’s security and trade prospects spread through the Shining Lands. 

Notable LocationsEdit


The markedplace of Ulara consists of many open roofed stalls with merchants from far and wide, the marketplace is well known for it's exotic wares sold for prices most mortals would never afford. The market is closly guarded and costumers flock to the market for it's famous security, for both the costumers and the merchants.

The Towershield Tavern & Inn  A new tavern in town, this large tavern boasts how relevant it's name is to it's function as the Tavern is indeed a tower of sorts and it houses the offices of the Town's Police; The Shara Shields. The Tavern consists of 5 floors where the first floor is the Tavern bar, floor two through four are packed with rooms of varying quality and the top floor is the offices of The Shara Shields.
Temple of Yondalla

Ulara was built around an ancient shrine to Yondalla that was later made into a temple, the temple houses a large clergy that lives in the temple and offer healing services.

Sky High Inc. Finding the ritch clientell and difficult landscape of Ulara a lucrative market, the gnome Family Griphon expanded their popular flying mount franchise to Ulara. The Sky High inc. facility is located near the edge of the town and consists of a large warehouse and wide stable, the Griphon family has assigned their youngest son, Mitch Griphon to manage the staff and train their Hipogriffs.
House of Law The Mayors house and the location of the towns ramshackle court, Any criminal that is caught by the Shara Shields recieves a fair trial in the House of Law. The house is located near the Yondalla temple and the house itself is built into a large tree that elevates it above the normal houses in Ulara.
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