Warforged appear as massive humanoids molded from a composite of materials—obsidian, iron, stone, darkwood, silver, and organic material—though they move with a surprising grace and flexibility. Flexible plates connected by fibrous bundles make up the body of a warforged, topped by a mostly featureless head.

Warforged have no physical distinction of gender; all of them have a basically muscular, sexless body shape. In personality, some warforged seem more masculine or feminine, but different people might judge the same warforged in different ways. The warforged themselves seem unconcerned with matters of gender. They do not age naturally, though their bodies do decay slowly even as their minds improve through learning and experience.

Unique among constructs, warforged have learned to modify their bodies through magic and training. Many warforged are adorned with heavier metal plates than those their creator originally endowed them with. This customized armor, built-in weaponry, and other enhancements to their physical form help to differentiate one warforged from another.

Warforged TraitsEdit

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2.
Age. Warforged are created as adults, and do not age.
Alignment. Any alignment
Size. Your size and build is very similar to humans. You are medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Living Construct. You are a construct in addition to a humanoid. You can't be healed by traditional means, you can however be repaired by both mundane means, and magical means like the spell Mending. Mending heals you for an amount of health equal to double the caster's level + the caster's spell ability modifier. When mending is cast on you, you must expend a HD to gain the benifit of the spell, you regain HD normaly after a long rest.

You dont need to eat or sleep, and are immune to poison, sleep, disease, nausea and effects that cause the sickened condition.

Composite Plating. You cannot wear armor or robes. Chose an armor plating type, your armor plating can be enchanted just like normal armor.
You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Newborn warforged come fully formed from Creation Forges at birth, with rudimentary language and instinctual knowledge of movement. Over the first few months they are extremely adaptable and able to learn new skills, just like children of other races. It is during this period that the majority of warforged were trained by House Cannith in the art of warfare. Warforged are born with clean slates for minds and are at the mercy of their creator's tutoring as they have no concept of morality or good and evil. In their infant years they will believe all that is told to them by their creator and will treat what is taught to them as the only truth until proved otherwise.


Warforged can have unique personality traits though, being constructs they are restricted in some ways. They experience anger, pain, fear and hatred like their human creators though, all warforged are incredibly reserved and pensive hiding an array of emotions behind their metallic face. Their faces were not designed to display facial expressions and so it can seem like they are distant to the conversation.

Despite their lack of physical facial expressions they're not completely without them as their eyes tend to brighten when experiencing strong or specific emotions.Some warforged are incredibly naive and lack introspection however, many others are the opposite and question their existence, wonder if they have souls and ask what becomes of them in the after life. The more intelligent warforged create complex philosiphies about what they perceive and learn.

Though warforged can show loyalty to religions and organisations, typically they become loyal to a small group of comrades. Warforged often have little life experience as they spent most of their time assigned to one specific duty, usually soldiering. If there is one interest all warforged share it is the love of working and many create endless lists of goals and chores. They take pride in their work and work incredibly hard which makes them dislike idleness and failure.

Warforged can excel at most tasks having a single-minded effenciency, especially in combat related roles. War and military conditioning create the foundation of warforged personalities, they understand duty, the chain of command and conflict. Due to their bodies more closely resembling males than females warforged prefer to be called "he" than "it". If the language allows for it, they prefer gender neutral pronouns. Some warforged adopt female names though most of their names are straightforward and are related to their job, abilities or rank. Many warforged simply accept the nicknames given to them by their comrades while others seek to earn more meaninful names that best describe them.


Warforged get along with most races, though their best relations are dwarves and gnomes, as they understand craftmanship better than most other races.

Warforged are natives to Neo Faerun Order and are despised in Everbloom. They are however welcome in all other factions.

Warforged NamesEdit

Name origins

Male Names: John, Ben, Billy, Bob

Female Names: Mary, Susan, Alice, Jane

Light PlatingEdit

Light plating is ...

Ability Score Adjustment: Your Intelligence score is increased by 1.
Armor: Your armor class is not modified by this choise, and your plating does not count as armor for features such as a Barbarian's Unarmored Defense or a Monk's Martial Arts. Your plating can still be enchanted like normal armor.
Database: Choose a skill you are proficient in, you gain double your proficiency bonus when using the chosen skill.
Scanner: You may cast Detect Magic once per long rest.

Medium PlatingEdit


Ability Score Adjustments: Your Dexterity score is increased by 1.
Armor: Your armor class is 12 + your Dexterity modifier.
Precision Targeter: You may spend a turn studying an enemy, after this you have advantage on all rolls against the target, you must spend your bonus action each turn to keep this effect ongoing. This effect also counts as a Concentration spell.

Heavy PlatingEdit


Ability Score Adjustment: Your Strength score is increased by 1.
Armor: Your armor class is 15 + your Dexterity modifier (Max +2 Dex modifier). You have disadvantage on stealth.
Fortification: You are immune to sneak attack and critical hits, damage is rolled normally in these cases.

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